Private Pilates sessions are the most effective way to define and achieve your individual needs and goals. I will provide you with challenging and varied lessons which will move you rapidly towards your goals and give you insight into your body's movement capabilities.  For your convenience, our classes are organized as a one time introduction offer, single sessions, as well as multi session packages. 




Introductory Session  FREE

New to Pilates and want to try it out?  Call now to book a free 30 minute private session!

This offer is good for first time clients only.  

Introductory 3-pack    $150

Three 55 minute private sessions, at only $50 per session and a total saving of $45.

This offer is good for first time clients only. 


Single Private Pilates Session   $65

A single 55 min session, custom tailored for your body.

5-pack Private Pilates Sessions  $315

8-pack Private Pilates Sessions  $480

Eight 55 min sessions, custom tailored for your body. Provides you with a month of twice weekly work-outs at an attractive rate.

12-pack Private Pilates Sessions  $660

Twelve 55 min sessions, custom tailored for your body. Provides you with a month of three work-outs a week at an extra special rate. 



Sessions:  We want you to come to Pilates with Renee because you love to, not because you have to.  You therefore pay just for the amount of sessions you choose; no long term contracts to worry about!

Payment:  All major credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash.  Credit cards and debit cards are accepted with an additional 2.5% card fee.

Cancellation Policy:  To avoid being charged the full amount for your session, a 24 hour cancellation notice must be made.

Special introductory offers:  These offers are valid for first-time clients only.

Multi-packs:  The sessions in a multi-pack are designed to encourage doing two or more work-outs a week and thus maximum results. Sessions must be used up at an average of at least one session a week however. An 8-pack for example, will expire 8 weeks after the initial purchase.